Once taboo – previously forbidden

You dared venture into something, somewhere, unnatural and unfamiliar. Once taboo – previously forbidden.

But you are different now …

You were also different before …

Fear is now in the past …

You know what fear is about. It had controlled you and stymied you. Experiences you craved were inaccessible. Friends you could have made you never met. Places that fashioned curiosity were only left to your imagination. Architectural and artistic masterpieces were bereft of your awareness. A forbidden relationship or intimacy desired, lingered on unrequited.

Fast forward.

An invitation was accepted. You were willing to let the experience become a part of you without any preconditions, reservations or fearful expectations. You welcomed that opportunity to see what it was all about and were not concerned of what others thought – or judged.

You observed a plethora of souls young and old. As racially diverse as anything you had hitherto witnessed. While the enthusiasts indulged, you studied at first and then slowly you became as one with the assemblage. You were also struck by the surprising similarities to what you knew and were familiar. Surprised? Why?

In the end, you were the same and you were not. You left with a peace not present upon entering. But the confidence in you was breathtaking, fresh and alive. You emerged declaring; “I am special” for indeed you are.


Well enough about you.

On October 16th I officially released my book WHEN WALLS BECOME BRIDGES, A Journey of Discovery to Heal and Conquer Hatred. That week was a personal celebration made exquisite by the warmth, companionship and love shared by so many. It was a remarkable journey. It was hard. There was pain. There was joy. And it all continues …

And it was and is fun.

Frank and I were privileged to appear on CTV News Channel. If you missed the broadcast you can view it here and yes you will hear it correctly, I was called Stuart Little – once.

Recently the Chronicle Herald of Nova Scotia published my story in Conversations, a Q & A article that you can read here if you are so inclined.

Of course, my book and ebook is now available for sale. You can follow the link http://whenwallsbecomebridges.com/purchase/ to discover the different ways to purchase it.

And now I could use your help.

If you have read my book, I would greatly appreciate you posting a review on Goodreads.

If you belong to a book club, I would welcome an opportunity to speak at your club and do a book signing – and selling of course.

If your place of business, worship or organization are interested in my book or a talk that would be wonderful.

If you come across a bookstore that you feel would be perfect for WHEN WALLS BECOME BRIDGES please drop me a line here. It doesn’t matter where the bookstore is located.

And I thank you for your patience, indulgence and comments as I continue to navigate our world.

Wishing you joy and discovery in your life.