Human beings are by our very nature resistant to change but at the same time decidedly capable of it. Who we are today is a compilation of experiences and influences over our entire lifetime. We are a product of our past – shaped by it in fact – in particular regarding hate, prejudice and intolerance. It concerns what we feel about other people; races, skin-colours, religions, genders / sexual orientation and any other label we apply to “them” but ultimately it stems from what we feel about ourselves – about “us”. What is my motivation you may ask? Quite simply, I saw so much anger, hate and intolerance in our lives – correction – in my life – that that life became a daily battle, debate and antagonism from within. I began by recognizing a colossal sense of unsettledness. The illogic behind these feelings was a wake-up call to say the least. I decided to start to make some choices.

If one is unhappy about any aspect of who we are or how we feel about our many and varied relationships, know that we are not a prisoner to any of those feelings or attributes. We can change them – if and when we are ready to face that challenge. I was. I am still a work in progress – we all are.

My name is Stuart Lewis – just an average and unexceptional guy with a personal story to tell and ideas to share. In this space I will be writing about the journey … please join me.

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  1. Hi Stuart. I don’t know yet if your blog will captivate my attention on an ongoing basis but I wanted to say congratulations at the outset on being brave enough to put yourself “out there” with this type of subject matter. Your brief writings so far hint at a striking experience (or series of experiences) that have driven a need to articulate strong feelings and engage others in a dialogue – so I hope this fills that need for you. Beyond that, who knows?! Be well.

  2. Stuart, thank you for inviting me to share this journey with you. I look forward to reading your musings and sharing my thoughts when appropriate.


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