An alley way all too familiar …

I have been here before or so it seems

The familiar cobblestone sections of intricate means

Windows closed so tight to seal out intruders

But leaky enough allowing a multitude of rumours,


Passing through town, an unlikely spot

Meeting a woman thinking I’ll give it a shot

She finds me witty, gritty but pretty?

Very alluring – gladly no time for committee,


I take her hand and we go for a stroll

Looking here and there but no grassy knoll

She finds this alley – a mysterious route

Another hundred metres to be rid of my suit,


Around to the left, the first door on the right

I bid adieu to you there, but it wasn’t the night

A nightcap you queried, I happily agreed

One became two, fulfilled a common need,


This is Sunday morning – few are around

Some go to church, others avoid to be found

Behind closed doors lay couples in love

Passion on fire, bodies thereof,


Rumours indeed, I’ve started a few

Are these windows sealed through and through?

I love this old town, bursting with tales

Magnificent design, a woman’s fancy nails.



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