Are you wearing shoes?

So much has changed in just a few short weeks

Missing our favourite restaurants and shopping boutiques

We can’t watch our sports and cheer for our teams

While attempting to work amongst our kid’s screams

There are Zoom meetings, Zoom Seders and Zoom family check-ins

And our investment portfolios are playing little violins

No touching. No touching. OMG NO TOUCHING

I can’t wait to get back to some serious clutching

So what is with all this hoarding and over-shopping?

At least I am learning about product swapping

And speaking of learning and acquiring new skills too

Like mask designing, cooking and making our own do

Anyone bored or wondering how to get by?

Like me writing a poem that only makes you cry?

How many funny memes can you share in one day?

People have an overabundance of time to play

But along with the jokes there is a time to be serious

We are dealing with a virus that’s terribly deleterious

It is life-threatening and lifestyle impacting

The hardest part of all is the absence of interacting

So what do you miss the most and miss the least?

And where has your gratitude significantly increased?

With doctors, nurses and front-line staff?

Or athletes and celebs, that makes me laugh

So many poor, who lost their jobs and have no money

For the first time, I really wish there was an Easter Bunny

I ache for the homeless and people dying alone

And I’m angry at politicians lacking a backbone

I have a couple of questions remaining to ask …

Over the next few weeks what shall be your greatest task?

With negativity and fear are you singing the blues?

And during these most difficult days, are you wearing shoes?


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