Why do we follow the lost,

For it is us who incur cost,

The ones with anger to bait,

The muddled souls of hate.


We know it’s a lie,

Yet still look on and sigh,

A failed leader’s mission,

Truths of parochial vision.


A crowd of like-minded,

Compliant nectar of the blinded,

The fruits of the sheep,

A path of least friction runs deep.


I renounce that which is old,

Discredited, weary and not bold,

It is not from without that I fear,

But those internal opinions held so dear.


It doesn’t function anymore,

You know wisdom’s your core,

Don’t be like the rest,

It is time to accentuate your best.


I dream of the day,

You will see things another way,

Until that moment is now,

Hope you resolve to discover how.

2 thoughts on “Renounce

  1. Please bear with my “Google English”
    Even though I have very limited knowledge about English Prose and poetry (taught in the school from grade 5 to 10) – something get confused between these two subjects also!), present poem (another headache – what is the difference between poetry and poem – anyway, do not want to be THE expert in EVERY SUBJECT. In my current profession, I require “Jack of all, master of none” kind of skill ( a kind of) appears to be relatively easy to understand your expression and the human factor that each and every (probably) poet/writer desires i.e. you people are like oil lamp which are there to illuminate other thousands of lights (i.e. a ray of hope for people who are “depressed” due to various factors – controllable / uncontrollable).

    • Dear Anil;
      Thank you for joining the discussion.

      I think any art form is subject to the interpretation of the receiver of it. I appreciate you taking the time to consider how my words resonate with you and I am honoured.

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